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Meet Charlene

Introducing our new

community leader!

Charlene’s love for performing began at the Operation Triple Threat Theatre in Barbados. She assisted in teaching at the Mustardseed World Performing Arts School, and the Ascending Stars. She attended the Broadway Student Summit and the Teachers Workshop in New York City, and loved working with the FunikiJam's children's Off-Broadway theatre company! She is also a proud graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy! Bubbly, energetic, and creative Charlene believes that every artist should dare to let their light shine.

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Far From Home

"Far From the Home I Love" 
originally from Fiddler on the Roof​

Since COVID-19 started, many immigrants found themselves away from their home. Whether they were forced to go back to their country, and be far away from their new home, or had to stay in the US and not see their family back in their home country. This video, along with a series of videos where our members share the meaning of home, is a true expression of our longing for home. All of those brilliant singers recorded their part from their current home and became this beautiful choir.

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Far from home.png

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