Building a strong community of immigrant artists in the US.

Who We Are.

We are team of highly skilled, accomplished professionals, such as videographers, musicians, visual artists, producers, publicists, among many others, that create quality work with artistic integrity. Founded by Assaf Gleizner (Israel), Arts for Immigrants gives back to an eclectic and hard working community as they navigate challenges and thrive in their new home.

Assaf Gleizner (Founder & Artistic Director)

Tegan Miller

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Latest Projects

Give Me Your Tired

Immigrant artists from France, Germany, Spain, Israel, Bahrain, South Korea, Brazil and Argentina have come together to record a very special performance of God Bless America/Give Me Your Tired, this holiday season. Produced & arranged by Grammy nominated composer Assaf Gleizner and conducted & directed by ​Tegan Miller, ​the beloved song was filmed at Congregation Rodeph Sholom on December 11, 2019 and ​sung by a choir of immigrant artists from allover the globe.

A special thanks to all that helped out on this project, including:
Tegan Miller - Music Director & Conductor
Jacob McCoy - Videographer
Evan Tyor - Recording Engineer
Dan DeMello - Publicist

We have partnered with Team TLC NYC, a grassroots organization committed to supporting asylum seekers in New York City.

You can purchase the arrangement of God Bless America/Give Me Your Tired, and 30% of the profits will go to support this incredible organization. Preview the arrangement here.

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"We came here because we believed this country had the most resources to support us in achieving our dreams and goals. To me, ‘Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free’ invites those who have felt stifled or oppressed to come to the land of the free to thrive and meet their full potential. This performance, and these talented, ambitious, empathetic people, who are grateful they are here and eager to give back through their art, showcase this sentiment."
- Assaf Gleizner


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Arts for Immigrants is looking to form a strong community of artists, activists and supporters for our cause. If you wish to be involved in any way please contact us below!

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