About Arts for Immigrants


Arts for Immigrants (AFI) is an LLC organization that was created to serve the US-based immigrant artists community.


Arts for Immigrants mission is to shed light on immigration issues through art and provide performance opportunities to immigrant artists.

AFI is a professional artists-based community that creates new opportunities specifically designed for the unique environment in which immigrant artists are living.  AFI works to strengthen the immigrant artists' community by providing them with the tools needed to further their skills, resources, and relevant information about the current immigration laws and regulations in the US, and sharing their work to a large, constantly growing, new audience.

"Countries have borders, art is universal"


Our Mission

Arts for Immigrant’s mission is to serve the immigrant artists community in and outside
of the US in the following ways:


  • Shedding light on immigration issues through art, and provide performance opportunities for immigrant artists.

  • Offer the tools to the community in their process to secure legal residency status in the US

  • Provide guidance to artists on their journey to relocate their art to the US

  • Allow for a “soft landing” for immigrant artists while currently residing in the US

Artist on Stage
Music Performance

Our Vision

Today, there are no organizations that support immigrant artists in the US and they have to fend
for themselves.

Arts for Immigrants is looking to remedy this situation by forming a strong immigrant-artist community, and help them get acclimated quickly and efficiently!
Immigrant artists will receive a safe space to share their concerns outlets, showcase their achievements, receive the support they need, connect with experts in arts; business; marketing; etc., as well as the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals experiencing the same or similar predicaments.

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