AFI Choir

Watch this playlist to see the personal stories of each of our singers
as well as the final arrangement.
Give me Your Tired, Your Poor & God Bless America
Choral Arrangement
In August 2019, the top immigration official in the Trump Administration,
Ken Cuccinelli, altered the words of the poem "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor" adding “who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge”.
A group of immigrant artists from all over the world, came together to sing the poem which is considered part of the American ethos, with the right words...
Presented by: Arts for Immigrants and MTC Music Academy
Arranger: Assaf Gleizner
Conductor and Music Director: Tegan Miller
Filmed at: Congregation Rodeph Sholom
Additional sponsors: ONYC productions, Israeli Artists Project
Videography: Jacob McCoy IG: @jaaaaaaycob
Sound Engineer: Evan Tyor
Yoon Lee (S. Korea) Q Lim (S Korea) Claire Taire Ofek (Israel) Melissa Melendez (France) Maria Becco (Argentina)
Gara Roda (Spain) Shir Kaufman (Israel) Gil Avidor (Israel) Adi Kozlovsky (Israel)
Nawaf Nooruddin (Bahrain) Daniel Koren (Israel) Lukas Baeskow (Germany) Assaf Gleizner (Israel) Bass Pedro Coppeti (Brazil) Amir Shoenfeld (Israel)
Arts for Immigrants partnered with Team TLC NYC for this project, a grassroots organization committed to supporting asylum seekers in New York City.
Check out their amazing work on 
and if you enjoy this video, please consider donating to their organization!

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