Don't Reinvent the Wheel,

Build a Car!

Support Group

Our focus is to give our members the tools to be self-sufficient and equipped with all the skills they need to quickly integrate in the US.


Visa applications, language barriers, cultural differences, and more, can get in our way to success in our fields.


Let us guide you through these challenges with our team of experts, who went through the same challenges and lived to tell the tale.

Let us take you from where you are,

to where you want to be

I Got My Visa,

Now What?

We work so hard to make sure we have all we need to receive our artist visa, when we do it can be overwhelming to know we now have 3 years in this country, with endless possibilities, new status, and new responsibilities. Let us help you set the right goals, and steer you in the right direction to achieve them. We will have weekly sessions where we set new career goals, overcome mental blocks, and set the ground for a successful and prosperous 3 years!

Group Mastermind

The best way to grow as an artist is to do it together. Join our mastermind with other talented immigrant artists! Whether you are just starting or been working as a professional artist for some time, we can all inspire and be inspired by other members of our community. We will meet weekly, hold each other accountable to our goals, talk about challenges we’re facing as artists and immigrants, and find new ways to grow our community and support one another.


Self-Sufficient Artist

Relying on other professionals can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. However, most of the time we are only one course away from being able to get most of what we want done.

In this series of seminars we’ll cover:

  1. How to easily build your own website on Wix

  2. How to get better at PR, market yourself and your work

  3. How to get published in more magazines

  4. How to create a good reel

And more!

Your “foreignness” is your superpower, not your kryptonite

How can we use our foreignness to our advantage? Language barrier, cultural differences, background are what makes you special, unique, and exciting to work with. Integrating in a new country doesn’t have to mean forgetting who you are. In this course we will work together to shift our patterns of thinking and allow our uniqueness to shine. This course will consist of daily exercises and weekly group meetings to share our progress throughout the course. Are you ready to claim your superpower?