Arts for Immigrants is Proud to Present


AFI Choir

You raise me up is not just a song lyric. When we are together, great art happens.

Ever thought two people from two different nations were able to cross paths thanks to living in the US. We elevate one another when we come together singing songs that shine a light on social justice.

We all feel like we're waving through a window sometimes. Let's remember that we are still seen, and still in our loved one's mind.


A fun and joyful take on known and lesser-known songs that fit our current situation. Finding solace and hope in a smile and a laugh.


Watch these to see our members bring new life to your favorites as well as original work. 

AFI_Artist visa blues.png
True Colors.png


As immigrants, it’s not always easy to express our opinions. Sometimes it means risking being deported, or not having our visas renewed. So even though we can’t always be out in the street protesting, we can use our art to express our solidarity and let our voice be heard.


Featuring the incredible performance by Charlene Morris & Mishael M. Haynes (Barbados)

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