Songs Reimagined

Artist Visa Blues
Ever wondered what the process is to apply for an O-1B visa?
Nawaf Nooruddin & Lukas Boskow are here to share their experience!
Featuring: Nawaf Nooruddin (Bahrain) & Lukas Boskow (Germany)
Original Lyrics & Piano: Assaf Gleizner
Videography: Jacob McCoy
You Raise Me Up | Arabic & Hebrew
You Raise Me Up has a lot of meanings, especially right now. Two people from two different nations were able to cross paths thanks to living in the US. We raise one another when we fight together for social justice. And YOU raise us up by allowing us to express ourselves with our art, and by showing support!
Featuring: Adi Kozlovsky (Israel) & Nawaf Nooruddin (Bahrain).
Arrangement & Piano: Assaf Gleizner
Videography: Jacob McCoy.
Change in Me - Beauty & the Beast
Featuring: Gara Roda (Barcelona), Melissa Melendez (France), 
Jessica Rookeward (Australia).
Arrangement & Piano:  Assaf Gleizner
Videography: Jacob McCoy
Waving Through a Window
We all feel like we're waving through a window right now, during this never ending pandemic. Let's remember that we are still seen, and still in our loved one's mind.
Featuring: the incredible Joomin Hwang (Prom), singing "Waving Through a Window" from the musical Dear Evan Hansen in Korean.
Featuring: Joomin Hwang (Korea)
Arrangement & Piano:  Assaf Gleizner
Videography: Jacob McCoy