Our Songs:
True Colors
As immigrants, it’s not always easy to express our opinions. Sometimes it means risking being deported, or not having our visas renewed. So even though we can’t always be out in the street protesting, we can use our art to express our solidarity and let our voice be heard.
Featuring the incredible performance by:
Charlene Morris & Mishael M. Haynes (Barbados)
​Also featuring:
Violet Tzu-Hsuan Wang (Taiwan) - Cello
Tomer Rabinowitz (Israel) - Guitars
Assaf Gleizner (Israel) - Piano, arrangement, video editing, mixing Yanzi Ding (Taiwan) - Harp Aaron Romero (US) - Bass Hiroyuki Matsuura (Japan) - Drums

Arts For Immigrants

Serving the immigrant artists community in the US

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