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Personal Development

Language As An Ally

Always wanted to practice Spanish so you can finally add it to your resume? or Have you wanted to sing a song in Spanish, but dreaded to use google to learn how to pronounce it? I got you! Spanish is one of the world’s most spoken languages so let language become our ally.

Paola Gomez

Brand Management

Personal Design

Consultation and personal design services. Need a new logo, social media covers. Create your own brand design.

Felipe Joglar

Brand Management

Headshots with Sy

Sy is a professional performer/ photographer/ foodie/ student/ environmentalist/ foster dog mom from Bangkok, Thailand. After extensive training at AMDA and the New School, Sy signed with Daniel Hoff Agency and continued to work progressively in the theatre industry.

Sy Chounchaisit


Acting and Singing with Jessica

Learn your lines with me! Get off book fast! Self tape help. Make your voice over reel & Singing lessons

Jessica Rookeward


Production Services

A full service live music events and musical theater production company

Onyc Productions


Personal Coaching

Empowerment is not a super power, 1-on-1 coaching guides you through becoming more confident, aligned with your goals and succeed.

Assaf Gleizner

Business Development

Artistic Development

Ryan is a New York marketing and corporate development expert, specializing in keeping you on track. Focus on your art, I'll take care of the rest.
Artistic business development & Project Management.
Enhance your artistic business and community.

Ryan Ofek